In a major impetus for technical and higher education among the weaker sections in Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy on Monday launched ‘Jagananna Vasathi Deevena’ programme.

Over 11 lakh students will benefit under the scheme that provides Rs 10,000 per year for ITI, Rs 15,000 for polytechnic and Rs 20,000 per year to a degree and PG students towards their boarding expenses (hostel, food).

Students whose parents’ annual income is less than Rs 2.5 lakh would get this financial assistance directly transferred into the mother’s accounts, in two tranches every year.

The scheme comes on the back of ‘Amma-vodi’ programme launched last month which provides Rs 15,000 per year to poor sections mothers sending their kids to schools and is applicable till class XII. Eight two lakh students and 42 lakh mothers across the state are beneficiaries of ‘Amma-vodi’.

The welfare schemes are in line with the promises Jaganmohan had made during his 3,648 km padayatra crisscrossing the state in the run-up to the 2019 Assembly polls.

While ‘Vasathi Deevena’ expense is Rs 2,300 crore, ‘Amma-vodi’ cost is about Rs 6,400 crore, Jagan said adding that another education sector plan of course fees reimbursement, ‘Vidya Deevena’ – as a Rs 3,700 crore programme.

“All three put together, we are spending Rs 12,400 crore. We are also transforming the government school infrastructure with Mana-badi programme. We have improved the mid-day meal menu with an additional expense of Rs 200 crore annually.”

For future generation

“All this is because education is the only asset I can offer for the future generation,” said Jaganmohan while inaugurating new scheme in Vizianagaram.

Explaining the need for such push, Jaganmohan pointed out that the gross enrolment ratio in higher education as 50% in China, Brazil, while in India it is only 23%.

The CM also said that the rate of illiteracy in the state was at 33% while the national average is 27%, “which means the state ranks even lower than the national level.”

“Fate of the generations after you will also change if you get a proper education,” he said.

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